Safety Around Helicopters

Helicopter Approach Diagram Safety is our highest goal. NEVER approach an aircraft with its rotor moving UNLESS WE SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCT YOU to. If we have you approach or depart the aircraft when the rotor is moving ALWAYS approach and maintain eye contact with the pilot and follow exactly his instructions. NEVER go towards the rear end of the aircraft. Approach towards and depart away from the directional arrows on the illustration.

The main rotor is well above your head it is not necessary to duck or bend over approaching the aircraft BUT you should hold onto your personal possessions securely. DO NOT attempt to chase after something that has blown away. We will get it for you.

DO NOT attempt to open your door while in flight and NEVER throw anything out the aircraft.

Smoking is not allowed in the Glacier Jet Center waiting area, the airport ramps, or in, around, or near any aircraft.

We operate in and out of controlled airspace with an operating control tower at Glacier International Airport. You will be able to hear the communications between the pilot, the control tower and other aircraft. While in the controlled airspace and Helicopter Approach Diagramwhile the pilot is getting instructions or reporting to the control tower please be mindful to be quiet while this is happening. Even conversation between passenger will talk over the instructions from the control tower.

You can download a copy of the passenger safety briefing card HERE.