We know that consumers love to be informed so here are some things to be considered when booking your helicopter tour in the Glacier - Flathead area.

1. We operate the newest aircraft in the area. The other operator in the area operates a helicopters that is almost 40 years old. These helicopters are no longer manufactured as they represent a bygone era.

2. We operate the MD 520N helicopter series which is the state-of-the-art technology in helicopters. The MD520N is built using the latest in helicopter technology. MD has recently been awarded numerous contracts with governments around the world for military applications and the MD 500 series is one of the most popular with police agencies.

3. Unlike other operators the 4th passenger does not sit in the middle in the rear of the aircraft. Instead of minimal viewing from the rear the 4th passenger in the MD helicopter is seated in the front for outstanding viewing.

4. The MD helicopter has a fully articulated rotor head with blades which makes for a smoother and safer ride, this means that the dangerous phenomenon called ‘mast bumping’* cannot happen. In addition, the 520N has no tail rotor as it is all internal to the design of the helicopter which increases safety around the aircraft when running. No tail rotor also increases safety when landing off airports and minimizes ground noise as well.

5. Our chief pilot holds the highest license rating the FAA issues, an Airline Transport Pilot license with the highest medical certification, a First Class Airman’s Medical Certificate.

6. The MD 520N series is among the quietest helicopters in the world when considering the noise footprint on the ground. Not only is noise annoying to other visitors but it also impacts the wildlife. The quieter the aircraft the more the wildlife behaves naturally and allows for closer viewing.

7. All of our flights are tracked by satellite ensuring additional safety.

8. In most cases we depart from a location that is closer to where you are. We fly out of Whitefish Airport, Glacier International Airport, and our location in West Glacier, all depending on the flights booked. When operating at the Whitefish Airport it is uncongested and right near the town of Whitefish for before or after flight activities. There is a large selection of restaurants, galleries, shops, the lake, Whitefish Mountain, and other points of interest right nearby.

9. We tour areas different than other operators. We have crafted a tour that you could never see by driving as you would on the standard tours of other operators. You will see a much wider variety of landscapes, places, and points of interest than just Glacier Park. Since we do not fly most of our tours over the park we do not have the 2,000 foot above the park restriction and we can place you closer to those sights that give the greatest thrill.

10. While you will see much of Glacier Park on our flights we avoid those areas sensitive to noise. Even as helicopter operators we find it annoying too when we are visiting Logan Pass and hear that annoying blade slap of two-bladed helicopter flights. We feel operating considerate of other visitors is just good aviator citizenship.

*Mast bumping is contact between an inner part of a main rotor blade or a rotor hub and the main rotor drive shaft (or 'mast'). Mast bumping usually results in the helicopter breaking up in flight, which is fatal for those on board. ... Low-G can be caused by large or abrupt flight control inputs or by turbulence.