Loved the Tour!

for Whitefish, Montana

Loved the Helicopter tour. Great way to see Flathead Valley and our Beautiful Glacier Park. Very convenient to leave from Whitefish Airport. Gary is a great safe pilot. The ride was so smooth, and he was so knowledgeable about the views. Thanks, Gary for the Awesome ride. ?

Our Fleet of Aircraft

We operate the MD 520 Notar which is our state-of-the-art, eco-friendly helicopter and we also operate the Cessna 207. The Cessna 207 "air limo" seats up to 7 passengers and the MD520 seats up to 4 passengers.

We specialize in perfecting the aerial tour adventure. As aerial film specialists, we know the places, times and that special light that creates those jaw-dropping aerial scenes on TV. So when we create the perfect aerial tour we head for those places that others don't go. We fly the latest model and most advanced technology helicopter in the region.

We pride ourselves in being good eco stewards and are considerate of others' experience in the area so we don't fly in those areas that impact visitors with aircraft noise, like Logan Pass Visitor Center. If you need more reasons to book your tour with us here are 10 more good reasons.

We recommend booking your flight online. You can make a reservation online right now by going here.Commander 9 place jet-prop.

Coming later in 2021.
We are excited to announce that we will be adding to our fleet a 350 mph, 9 passenger, air-conditioned Jet-Prop Commander!

There are several ways to fly:
Private Customized Helicopter and Airplane Flights

We can carry up to 4 passengers in our MD 520 or up to 7 in our Cessna 207 "air limo". Of course, the passenger weights have to be within limits.

Half Hour Helicopter or Airplane Tour.

Description - During this tour on departure you will see the verdant Flathead Valley as we climb towards the imposing Great Northern. We fly right through Bad Rock Canyon past Hungry Horse where you will see panoramic views of the Hungry Horse Lake Valley and the 34 mile long Hungry Horse Reservoir, panoramic views of Lake McDonald and Glacier National Park, as well as distant views of the largest wilderness area in the Continental United States. As we approach Great Northern we fly within hundreds of feet of Stanton and Grant Glaciers all the while you will see the imposing Continental Divide to the east. The towering peaks of the 10,142 foot Mt. Stimson, the 10,052 foot Mt. Jackson, and the 9,376 foot Mt. St. Nicholas are in constant view. On return you will see views of Whitefish Ski Mountain, Whitefish, and Whitefish Lake, as well as we head back to the airport.

One Hour Helicopter or Airplane Tour.

Description - During this tour on departure you will see the verdant Flathead Valley as we climb towards Mt. Aeneas to cross the western face of the Swan Range you will see the Jewel Basin Hiking Area with panoramic views of the Hungry Horse Lake Valley as we approach the western edge of the Lewis and Clark Range. Turning north we get up close to the face of Mt. Grant, Mt. Liebig, and the awesome face of Great Northern where we view the perennial snow and glacial ice fields of Grant Glacier and Stanton Glacier. What’s more, while cruising along the backbone of mountains you will see great vistas into Glacier National Park with extraordinary scenes of the imposing Continental Divide, Mt. St. Nicholas, Lake McDonald, and Hungry Horse Dam and Lake. Turning northwest we traverse the west side of Glacier Park back to the Flathead Valley as we pass West Glacier and Lake Five, all the while maintaining commanding views of Glacier Park to once again land at our point of departure.

To book one of these amazing tours please contact us here or if you need other information please contact us here here and you will receive an immediate email response.

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This is the ultimate Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding, anniversary, birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine Day, Independence Day, or just being alive day gift.


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Five Star Review
Aaron Miller Photo Flight

Gary was very helpful and of course put me where I would have the best experience possible.I would definitely book again.
Aaron Miller - July 2020 - Trip Advisor 2019

Five Star Review
Aaron Miller Photo Flight

We did a hour long plane ride on the Christmas day, it was absolutely amazing. We got to see some breathtaking views and had a great time overall. They are very responsive and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.
Akshay N. - December 2020 - Trip Advisor 2020

Booth Wedding

Looking for the ultimate entry to your wedding? Fly into it in our state-of-the-art Notar helicopter. This beautiful bride made for awesome photos that day.
Lakeside, Montana July 2020

Five Star Review
Gregg Sinnett Tour Group

We had a great time! Gary was able to accommodate our large group and took us on a beautiful ride around Great Northern Mountain. The views were fantastic, the helicopter was smooth and quiet, and Gary was a fun tour guide. We'd highly recommend this experience for anyone looking to see parts of the park not easily accessed by trail, or looking for an adventure a bit outside the usual.
Gregg Sinnett - August 2019

This Trip is a Must!

for Whitefish, Montana

Absolutely amazing! My first trip, I already want to go again! My husband surprised me for my birthday and they even had a gift waiting for me! It was such a smooth ride and so fun to see all the amazing mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers! Such a special time that I will cherish forever.
Thank you both for a wonderful birthday I won’t soon forget.🥰❤️

Five Star Review
Neil Jensen HeliTour Review

What a great addition to our trip! Gary is a fantastic pilot with great equipment, and knows the area well. The hour trip was well worth the money. We definitely will be coming back in the future!
Neil Jensen - August 2019