Antarctica 2017: Ben Saunders Reaches South Pole, Halts Expedition

While we were away enjoying the holiday break a lot of things happened in the world of outdoor adventure and exploration. Unfortunately, I’m off again tomorrow on a winter trip to North Carolina, which means we have a lot of ground to cover today, starting with updates from the Antarctic.

Perhaps the biggest news from the past couple of weeks is that British polar explorer Ben Saunders reached the South Pole on December 29, marking a major milestone on his attempt to ski solo across the continent. But, what was to have been just a temporary stopping point turned into the finish line for Saunders, who decided to pull the plug on his expedition at 90ºS.

When he reached the Pole, Ben issued a statement explaining why he decided to end his attempt to make a solo traverse of the Antarctic and basically it came down to simple logistics. He said that when he arrived at the South Pole he felt good, although a bit more physically and mentally drained than he had expected. But, the real challenge was that he had used up more food and supplies than he had planned for just getting to that point. That left him with a narrow margin for error on his return trip to the coast and that was a risk he simply wasn’t willing to take. So, it was with a heavy heart that he announced the end of the journey.

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